Sharpen your pencils and open your sketchbook!

Beverley Chapelhow 9.30 – 11am

Meet at Clitheroe Castle Museum Entrance

Bring your own sketchbooks and materials of choice.

Come along with me Beverley, artist, and owner of Atelier Arts – Gallery and art studios, right here in the centre of Clitheroe.

Book on to our guided walk and sketch tour, as we explore our beautiful market town of Clitheroe.

  • Starting up at the Castle we will discover two breath-taking views, the first, as we look towards the stunning view of Pendle Hill and the fantastic light over the Ribble Valley.
  • Next is a view through an old stone archway looking towards Longridge and Chipping Fell, can you spot the triangular rooftops in the distance.
  • Taking a quick walk down towards the main gates of the entrance to the Castle we will take a sharp left and walk down the street, then at the pub take a right turn onto the market.
  • Here, we are going to sketch people on the move working at pace sketching people talking, chatting, shopping and walking this is slightly tricky as people don’t stand in one place for too long, (lets fill a page of people sketches) as we exit the Market we will walk around a back street nr the Town Hall.
  • Another archway now looking towards Pendle Hill and down Wellgate shopping street. Can you capture that scene through the archway?
  • Staying here for a little while you can sketch a couple of things from the majestic beautiful building of the library or looking up toward Church Brow and the stunning old houses. Turn right and look up the Main Street of Clitheroe and you will see the Castle sat on the top of the hill. Capturing perspective is a tricky one.

Here is where we part company, why not join in the other activities that are happening around our town.

Alexandra Carus Bowker 2 – 3.30pm

Meet at Clitheroe Castle Museum Entrance

Bring your own sketchbooks and materials of choice.

  • Built in 1186 by Robert de Lacy, the Keep on its prominent outcrop of rock provides excellent vantage points to gain views over Clitheroe and across the Ribble Valley, out towards Pendle Hill.
  • Initial time will be spent capturing these sprawling views and those in the upper castle grounds and around the curtain wall.
  • Working our way down through the grounds, enjoying the landscaping as the sun, hopefully, dapples through the trees, there will be opportunities to play with the use of perspectives as the stone pathways turn into the greenery.
  • As we make our way down to the amphitheatre, our viewpoint is dramatically changed as the castle, sitting on its keep, towers above us — a great challenge in capturing the perspective!
  • From castles to courtyards, we will make our way down Church Street, exploring the arches and courtyards of this ancient market town — an opportunity to experiment with cropped compositions of the stone and iron structures, adorned with flowers attracting many a passer by.
  • Onwards to the parish church of Saint Mary Magdalene — whether as framed compositions of the archways and their perspectives, or of the staggered view from Paradise Lane looking out over Clitheroe and beyond, Church Street provides a variety of focal points through its juxtaposition of different architectures.

A hand held viewfinder will be provided on the day with tips on how to utilise your phone’s camera grid to develop perspective and composition, through the rule of thirds.

Note: Just incase some sketchbooks will be available to purchase on the day.